For big opportunities to open up for a community, it requires the combined efforts of all its inhabitants, even if it starts with only a few people. A report from Main Line Media News featured the efforts of environmental groups in Philadelphia who called for the administration of Villanova University to seriously examine and make the necessary steps regarding their stormwater programs.

Stormwater Concerns

The letter further states: “Many of us are well aware of the severe harm that Darby Creek flooding has unleashed on our communities, in homes and lives lost. Villanova’s redevelopment of its parking lots and the zoning ordinance change it seeks for itself and other college institutions in Radnor are opportunities to bring about positive community solutions to serious problems by using the stormwater and development knowledge on which the university publically builds its reputation…We respectfully request that Villanova practice what it teaches.”

The letter notes that Villanova’s plan would have five detention facilities for capturing and discharging 593,300 gallons of water with only one, small rain garden. Also, there is no porous paving, no infiltration systems, not vegetated rooftops or other progressive strategies that are part of Villanova’s curriculum.

As stormwater is considered a serious cause of urban flooding, the case of the environmental groups against the university is valid and immediate actions must be taken. As the report mentions, part of the plan is acquiring detention facilities that will capture and distribute the water accordingly. For areas that are facing the same problems, it is not enough to just settle for any type of stormwater solutions without knowing and understanding how they work and what they can really do.

Exceptional detention

To help curb floods and pollution caused by stormwater runoffs, communities must look into efficient solutions that provide exceptional storage and detention capabilities. Go for a system that offers more water capacity compared to what most providers offer. Furthermore, go for something that offers flexibility which means being able to adapt and operate in pervious or non-pervious types of soils.

Additionally, there are companies like HydroLogic Solutions that offer StormChamber, one of the few cost-effective storm water solutions equipped with the latest technologies and that meet zero discharge standards. Problems like stormwater can be resolved with the right approach and a formula of topnotch equipment and full cooperation from the community.

(Article Excerpt and Image from “Environmental groups write Villanova president about stormwater concerns,” Main Line Maedia News, December 27, 2013)