Let us help you determine the cost for our StormChamber systems for your next project. We can provide you with installation cost estimates, or a quotation, including shipping. Repeatedly, our StormChamber systems are found to be the least cost solution for underground storm water management. If you are informed otherwise, please give us a call to make sure that an objective comparison is made.

Don’t Let the Big Boys Fool You!

Some important price comparison considerations:

  • No separate end plates to purchase and install.
  • No separate header pipe manifolds to purchase and install.
  • No separate isolator row.
  • Elimination of pre-treatment units.
  • No need to compact the stone base.
  • No need to place non-woven filter fabric under the chambers.
  • Limited Warranty.
  • Significantly reduced number of chambers to purchase and install.
  • Exceeds AASHTO H20 Wheel Load Rating by 3X.
  • Ability to stack chambers in two or three layers.
  • Can be installed with up to 30 feet of cover.
  • Significantly reduced footprint.
  • Significantly reduced installed cost and time.
  • Made with recycled materials.