StormChamber Support

HydroLogic Solutions provides complete product support at no charge, including assistance with the design of our award-winning StormChamber® systems. We work closely with engineering firms to design, develop and implement effective and cost-efficient stormwater mitigation solutions.

We provide a free CD-ROM containing CAD drawings, design specifications and other useful information. This data can be copied directly into engineering design plans. Drawings are provided showing different chamber views, cross-sectional storage capacities, inspection/clean out riser details, installation details and example configurations.

Our customer support team will provide free on-site installation assistance, as needed. Review our Download section for assistance with installation instruction, maintenance, storage calculations, detail sheet, example configurations, optional underdrain configurations, off-line configurations, and water quality articles and documentation.

Our support team is well known throughout the industry as an innovated and customer friendly team. They will assist you with switch-outs of other storm water systems and prepare detailed CAD drawings for your use and engineer approval. Our product is considered as an “or equal” to all its competitors. For maximum support view the website in its entirety.

Contractors & Engineers

StormChamber® systems are designed to make stormwater retention, detention, conveyance and reuse easy and cost effective. Our patented stormwater chambers are quicker and easier to install than other types of underground stormwater chamber systems. Click the button below for detailed information tuned for contractors and engineers.

LEED Information

LEED is a third-party certification program and the nationally accepted benchmark for the design and construction of environmentally sound developments and buildings. LEED gives engineers and developers the tools they need to have an immediate and measurable impact. Click the button below to learn how our company adheres to strict LEED standards.

Leed provides a complete framework for assessing building and development performance and meeting sustainability goals. Based on a system of prerequisites and credits, Leed projects earn points during the certification process and then are awarded one of several certification levels: Certified Silver, Gold, and Platinum. StormChamber can help you obtain up to 18 points for Leed Certification.


  • “Because we have installed several StormChamber systems, a lot of engineers have asked for advice on competing plastic chambers. We have always recommended the StormChambers. They far exceed the competition on cost and ease and speed of installation.”

    Dean Clark General Manager, SECO, LLC, Chelton, WA
  • “Much less expensive and much quicker and easier to install than the 64″ pipe originally speced for the project.”

    Joe Szabo Owner, J&R underground contractors, Milan, MI
  • “Significantly faster and easier to install than pipe. Significantly less staging room needed and a lot fewer trucks to receive and unload.” (The equivalent of 213 LF of pipe nest on one pallet, 1,913 LF on one truck.)

    Bob Dawson Owner, Dawson Company, Woodbridge, VA
  • “We have installed several StormChamber systems because we find them to be a lot less expensive and quicker to install than the competing systems and we can install them in two layers on very confined sites.”

    Ed Shaw Shaw Construction, Reno, NV
  • “We were surprised by the ease of use of the system and greatly appreciated support provided. We are already looking forward to building our next StormChamber project!”

    Erik Gervais PE, Constructions GFL, Brossard, QC
  • The Loudon One project in Ashburn, VA

    “I also like that it can be cleaned by air vacuuming via inspection /cleanout ports instead of using water. Anytime you have to clean something with water, then you have to have a truck that collects the water and the sediments in it. Depending on where you can dump that, it can get much more costly as opposed to going out with a vacuum truck.”

    Steve Pandish Director of Water Resources for the engineering firm of William H. Gordon Associates in Chantilly, Virginia

    “The choice of StormChambers met the design requirements for strength in such a way that the chambers could be stacked three deep with 30 feet of cover, if needed. Strong enough to sustain the impact of 18-wheelers loaded with steel. They also were 30 percent more cost-effective than other options.”

    Dr. Paul Mankiewicz hydrologist and consultant to the City of New York on storm water and related issues and executive director of the not-for-profit Gaia Institute in the Bronx, NY
  • Double-stacked system in Tukwilla, WA

    “It was easy. There were no difficulties once the owner decided on the StormChamber system. The project is holding up to heavy traffic, pump tracks, and cranes.”

    Tom Radice Abbot Construction
  • Charles-Lemoyne Hospital, Greenfield Park, Quebec

    "We were amazed by the simplicity of this system and have appreciated the support from the Soleno team during the entire project. We are already looking forward to designing another project using the StormChamber!"

    Érik Gervais, P. Eng Const. GFL, Brossard, Quebec
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