StormChamber SC-34

StormChambers storm water chambers are quick and easy to install. The side-portal feed provides greater flexibility in engineering and hydraulic design, eliminating circuitous routing of feed pipes from inlet structures to entry point of a header pipe.

Chamber are in Orange or Black depending on availability.


StormChamber was designed as an open bottom, high-density polyethylene infiltration chamber which functions in both permeable and non-permeable soils for subsurface retention, detention, conveyance and reuse and for a water quality BMP. It reduces nutrient and other pollutant loadings by taking advantage of the natural biological and physical properties of the soil, directly comparable to the functions of a septic drain field. It also recharges ground water drinking supplies, while concurrently helping to maintain base flow to streams, wetlands, lakes, and ponds, and counter salt-water intrusion.

StormChambers systems are cost-effective and require less maintenance than other types of underground storm water management systems.

StormChambers Maximize storage volume in limited footprints due to their ability to be installed in up to four layers.

Each StormChamber provides 75ft ³ (2.12 m3) of internal storage capacity or 115ft3 (3.26 m3) of installed storage capacity with the minimum stone requirement . This is significantly more storage per chamber than similar size chambers, which results in need fewer chambers required and a smaller footprint.

Built in end walls eliminate the extra cost for purchase and installation of header pipe manifold systems and the extra excavation and stone for their placement.



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Technical Info

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Using StormChamber for storm water BMP is an incredible option because of the ability of the trench walls and plastic pond liner or similar material to cover the bottom. Retention is a stormwater BMP that takes advantage of the conventional storm water basin.


Underground stormwater detention systems that allow detention are considered one of the most effective stormwater BMP systems available to control the flow of stormwater. Though the systems can be found beneath streets, parks, and parking lots, these stormwater BMPs can be used anywhere in residential and commercial areas alike. When it comes to stormwater BMPs, there are two considerations you want to keep in mind:


Although most people associate plastic chamber systems with storm water storage, they can also be effectively used for storm water conveyance. Due to the large size of the StormChamber, a single row can provide a conveyance capacity approximately equivalent to 48 inch diameter pipe.

Water Quality

When investing in stormwater systems, it’s important to not only consider the requirements for storage, but also consider the standards for water quality BMP and exceed them. When combined with SedimenTrap, no other stormchamber system can match or exceed the expectations for sediment maintenance at such efficiency.

Residential Reuse

Supplies of fresh water are shrinking not only in the USA, but throughout the globe, resulting in steeper prices for water rates. Learning how to be water smart will ensure that you and your family have the best solution for your pocket and the environment. With StormChamber, which is considered one of the best storm water management solutions, you can ensure maximum benefit for your family and local ecology.

Commercial Reuse

Investing in the commercial reuse of rainwater is one of the most noticeable ways to significantly reduce the demand on higher quality – expensive – water resources. Using StormChambers is considered one of the best methods for storm water management because it provides water protection benefits in two forms.


StormChamber prides itself on providing almost all accessory items required for the installation of StormChamber systems. This ensures that all accessory parts are received at the same time as the StormChambers and stored in the same area.

Here is a list of the accessories offered by StormChamber:

  • Non-woven filter fabric
  • Light duty stabilization netting
  • Heavy duty scour protection netting
  • Cast iron frame and lid for inspection/maintenance riser pipe
  • Impervious liner for detention or water reuse applications


SC-44 SC-34
Average Installed Storage 166fft^3 (4.7M^3)/chamber 115fft^3 (3.26M^3)/chamber
Height 44” (1117mm) 34” (864mm)
Width 78” (1981mm) 60” (1524mm)
Actual Length 90” (2286mm) 102” (2591mm)
Installed Length 75” (1905mm) 91” (2159mm)
Weight 120 lbs. (54.43kg) 100 lbs. (45.36kg)
Chambers Per Pallet 20 43
Material Polyethylene Polyethylene
Manufacturing Process Thermoforming Thermoforming
ASTM Loading Standard Exceeds over 2x Exceeds over 4x


 SC-44  SC-34
Minimum Stone Above Chamber System 12” (300mm) 6” (150mm)
Minimum Stone Below Chamber System 9″ (228mm) 6″ (150mm)
Minimum Chamber Spacing 9” (225mm) 9” (225mm)
Minimum Stone Border 12” (300mm) 12” (300mm)
Maximum Cover 12’ (3.66m) 16′ (4.88m)
Minimum Cover 22” (559mm) 18” (450mm)


  • “Because we have installed several StormChamber systems, a lot of engineers have asked for advice on competing plastic chambers. We have always recommended the StormChambers. They far exceed the competition on cost and ease and speed of installation.”

    Dean Clark General Manager, SECO, LLC, Chelton, WA
  • “Much less expensive and much quicker and easier to install than the 64″ pipe originally speced for the project.”

    Joe Szabo Owner, J&R underground contractors, Milan, MI
  • “Significantly faster and easier to install than pipe. Significantly less staging room needed and a lot fewer trucks to receive and unload.” (The equivalent of 213 LF of pipe nest on one pallet, 1,913 LF on one truck.)

    Bob Dawson Owner, Dawson Company, Woodbridge, VA
  • “We have installed several StormChamber systems because we find them to be a lot less expensive and quicker to install than the competing systems and we can install them in two layers on very confined sites.”

    Ed Shaw Shaw Construction, Reno, NV
  • “We were surprised by the ease of use of the system and greatly appreciated support provided. We are already looking forward to building our next StormChamber project!”

    Erik Gervais PE, Constructions GFL, Brossard, QC
  • The Loudon One project in Ashburn, VA

    “I also like that it can be cleaned by air vacuuming via inspection /cleanout ports instead of using water. Anytime you have to clean something with water, then you have to have a truck that collects the water and the sediments in it. Depending on where you can dump that, it can get much more costly as opposed to going out with a vacuum truck.”

    Steve Pandish Director of Water Resources for the engineering firm of William H. Gordon Associates in Chantilly, Virginia

    “The choice of StormChambers met the design requirements for strength in such a way that the chambers could be stacked three deep with 30 feet of cover, if needed. Strong enough to sustain the impact of 18-wheelers loaded with steel. They also were 30 percent more cost-effective than other options.”

    Dr. Paul Mankiewicz hydrologist and consultant to the City of New York on storm water and related issues and executive director of the not-for-profit Gaia Institute in the Bronx, NY
  • Double-stacked system in Tukwilla, WA

    “It was easy. There were no difficulties once the owner decided on the StormChamber system. The project is holding up to heavy traffic, pump tracks, and cranes.”

    Tom Radice Abbot Construction
  • Charles-Lemoyne Hospital, Greenfield Park, Quebec

    "We were amazed by the simplicity of this system and have appreciated the support from the Soleno team during the entire project. We are already looking forward to designing another project using the StormChamber!"

    Érik Gervais, P. Eng Const. GFL, Brossard, Quebec
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