Stormwater ponds and wetlands are designed to collect polluted stormwater that would otherwise flow into rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water during a precipitation event. For these systems to function properly, they need to have a dam, or some other form of stable embankment to keep water contained within the system. There are many measures that can be taken to maintain the integrity of a pond or wetland stormwater system, unfortunately, even the most well-maintained of these systems can be prone to compromising  issues at times.

The issue with stormwater ponds and wetlands:

The natural behavior of groundhogs, nutria, and muskrats is detrimental to the structural strength of dams and embankments that hold a pond or wetland stormwater system together. For instance, if these critters burrow into an embankment, they can create unplanned flow channels that could erode quickly if water flows through them.

Burrowing animals aren’t the only enemy of such stormwater systems. There are also undesirable plant communities that contribute to their destruction or ineffectiveness —cattails, for instance, multiply rapidly and invite massive mosquito breeding.

With downsides such as these, it can indeed be better for you to choose quality stormwater systems, such as the high-density polyethylene infiltration systems, such as StormChamber®, which is manufactured by companies like HydroLogic Solutions.

What are storm chambers?

Storm chambers are underground, open bottom stormwater systems that function in both permeable and non-permeable soils. They can be used for retention, detention, conveyance, and water quality enhancement, in both commercial and residential settings.

What makes these systems superior to ponds- and wetlands-based stormwater systems is that they are located underground, free from the interference of animals and plantlife. Plus, they are rodent-proof, because they are made of materials that are impossible for vermin to penetrate. Not only that, since they are located underground, you are free to use the top soil for other, more productive purposes.

Stormwater ponds and wetlands do have their applications, but if given the choice between them and storm water chambers, the latter is often the more convenient, lower maintenance, and lower cost option. For one, the StormChamber® system manufactured by HydroLogic Solutions is particularly quicker and easier to install than most types of underground water chamber systems. If you want to learn more about storm water systems and how storm chambers can benefit you, feel free to contact these companies for a consultation.


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